Thursday, 15 September 2011

Preset Engagement Ring


For some, engagement is the most memorable time or period of their lives.  It is filled with happiness, exciting, hopes and all good feeling.  You may want to have something special to remember this special moment,  Engagement  Ring is the best to carry out the task. 
对一些人来说, 订婚,是生命中是最难忘的时刻。 它充满了幸福, 刺激, 希望和所有美好的事。 也许你想要有一样东西来纪念这特别的时刻, 你的订婚戒指能够忠诚的执行这任务。

If you have a chance to design your very own engagement ring,  will you give it a try?     A unique ring special made for you to remember this precious moment of your life. A unique ring which is input your ideas and passions will have more values than other jewelry.  
如果您有机会设计属于您的订婚戒指, 您会尝试吗? 这枚独一无二的戒指是特别为了纪念这珍贵的时刻。 这枚独一无二的戒指将注入您的激情和意念, 它当然远比其他首饰来得有价值。

We are honored to offer you an interactive, user-friendly system to help you Design Your Own Ring ,    you'll be able to create it yourself with the design your own option. Nearly anything is possible. 
我们很荣幸向您提供一个互动,友好的系统来帮助你设计您自己的订婚戒指, 您可以在选项上加入您的设计意念,几乎您心所想的都可成真。 

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To learn more about how you can buy your very own Affordable Engagement Ring ,  please feel free to visit our jewelry learning center pages and learn all about.
您如果想知道如何的来购买经济实惠的订婚戒指, 请随时来我们的珠宝学习中心来游览。 

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Necklaces, most beautiful way to accessorize your neck 项链显示你的个性,也是脖子最美丽的配件。

Jewelry is now being part of our everyday life whether it is expensive because it reveal the woman inner beauty. Wearing jewelry is the most popular way to adorn to oneself. And necklace is such a kind of personal ornament made from various kind of gemstones including diamonds, silver, and gold. It is made of every material and has been made to adorn nearly or everybody.
珠宝已成为我们生活中不可或缺的一部分,无论它昂贵与否, 它能让女性流露出内在美。 穿戴珠宝是最流行装饰自己的方式,而项链是属个人的饰物,由各类的宝石组合而成, 包括钻石, 白银和黄金, 它也可由其他材料组成。

Necklaces is the most beautiful way to accessorize women’s neck. It is a symbol of past and they still are. Since the ancient civilization , wearing necklaces is a long tradition and used as amulet for protection. They used necklaces as a sign of their religion or cultural purposes.


But right now, necklaces are now being used more than just a fashion accessory to be trendy and fashionable. Now a days, there are kind of necklaces you can choose from what kind of personality you like best.  it is an ornament with big pendants and decent pearl necklaces, lockets, chains.


Necklaces can be fashionable and individual style choices should not be left out in selecting beautiful necklaces; whether choker shortest necklace at fourteen to sixteen inches long; princess necklace which is eighteen inches long; opera necklace; diamonds and gold necklaces; silver necklaces; and pearl necklaces which is worn for special occasions. But, whatever material the necklace is made from, it is sure to be appreciated by its wearer.
项链可以很时尚, 在挑选美丽的项链时,应该考虑到個人風格,它可以是最短的14英寸到16英寸项饰;十八英寸长的公主项链,还有在特殊场合穿戴的歌剧项链;钻石项链;黃金项链;银链和珍珠项链, 然而,无论是哪种材料制成的项链,它肯定是被其佩戴者所赞赏的


Precious gems like emeralds, ruby, sapphires, topaz, pearls can also be placed in a necklace setting to give a sense of elegance to the user. The gemstone can come in all shapes and sizes, ranges and the necklace will give the background it needs to make things even more beautiful. You must be sure to choose the kind of gemstone necklaces that will surely bring many compliments from a friends and to complete strangers, and proud to wear of a gemstone necklaces for years to come.
珍贵的宝石,例如祖母绿,红宝石,蓝宝石,黄玉,珍珠都可设计成项链, 给穿戴者带来优雅的感觉。不同形状;大小和排列的宝石项链会使事情变得更加美丽。您必须选择一种宝石项链,它必将带给您许多从朋友甚至陌生人致力,并且您将在今后的几年自豪地穿上。.


Necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and fine jewelry in designer jewelry allow much of flexibility in designs and feature that will brings quality to fashion from around the world at various prices-from affordable to competitive prices.
高级珠宝首饰设计师, 在设计时尚项链,手镯,戒指,吊坠首饰时, 使它们有很多的灵活性和功能,这将提高世界各地时尚的质和量。价格方面也从经济实惠和有竞争力。

A complete sets of fine jewelry with the latest trends are available at most online Elegant Jewelry stores.

最新时尚完整高级珠宝配套, 可在多数网上商店寻得。

Please click the following links for elegant, affordable and reliable online Elegant Jewelry  stores.

请按以下网址, 你可找到优雅,经济实惠, 可靠的网上珠宝商店。

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